Brief Introduction of Yantai People’s Association for Friendship with Foreign Countries

 Yantai People’s Association for Friendship with Foreign Countries is a regional people’s organization engaged in the work of people-to-people friendship and communication between Yantai and foreign countries, its main functions include:

 I. To implement the Party and state policies and principles on conducting non-governmental diplomacy; To act as a bridge and link in serving the increasing and expanding international exchanges of Yantai with the rest of the world.

 II. To contact and receive friendly visits from international friendly groups, organizations and personages of foreign countries, establish and develop friendship between the people of Yantai and the people of foreign countries to enhance mutual understanding in many different forms.

 III. To carry out exchanges with foreign countries in terms of economic trade, science and technology, environmental protection, urban and rural construction and human resources through non-governmental channels; To act as a bridge for relevant units so as to serve the economic development of Yantai.

 IV.To organize and host international exchanges in the fields of culture, education and sports, promoting people-to-people contacts and communications with other countries of the world.

 V. To help relevant units establish and develop various kinds of friendly relations with foreign countries.

 VI. To undertake other tasks assigned by CPC Yantai Committee, Yantai Municipal Government and superior friendly associations.
 Main Departments:
 General Affairs Department
 Business I Department(Department of American and European &Oceanian Businesses)
 Business II Department(Department of Asian and African Businesses)

 President: Zhang Zuxia
 Vice Presidents: Song Haiping, Zhang Dahai, Chen Zhiqiang(Doubles as Chief Representative of the European Business Office of  Yantai Municipal Government)
 Secretary General: Wu Ying

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